Mobile Homes

Did you know that there are more mobile homes in the State of Florida than any other state in the union? These statistics came from the Weather Channel when they aired a special about hurricane damage.

But don't despair, the professionals at Meeks Plumbing have been taking care of the plumbing needs for manufactured home owners since 1982. Whether it's a leaky faucet or a clogged sink or toilet, call us today!
Also, does your mobile home have Polybutylene piping? This piping is gray or white with a dull finish. Why should I be concerned? These pipes are created from plastic resin that was used as a more cheaper substitute for CPVC. Deterioration occurs when polybutylene reacts with acetyl fittings and oxidants. This process is subtle and may not be apparent immediately. The result is reduced structural integrity in the piping that may cause leaks that cause severe damage to the property. What can I do? Call Meeks Plumbing to schedule an estimate today to have a total repipe of your manufactured home. The experts at Meeks Plumbing have done over 20,000 mobile/manufactured home repipes. We have years of experience identifying polybutylene-related problems and removing this problematic piping. Schedule a visit today with one of our Meeks professionals to avoid thousands of dollars in damage that might result from a systemic collapse due to polybutylene piping. One call today can help you identify, diagnose and deal with your problem immediately.