Is your toilet still running after you flush it? Does it not flush completely? ls it leaking? lf you are having any one of these problems, call us and we'll send out a plumber immediately to help resolve these problems for you.

He can check tank water levels and overflow pipes for leaks, adjust the fill valve and test the flush valve mechanism. Whether you need a ballcock replacement, a tankless toilet or just have some simple fixture needs, Meeks Plumbing will diagnose the problem and offer you a cost-saving solution before doing any repair work or installation. Perhaps you're remodeling your bathroom from the ground up and need the advice of a plumber or want to purchase new fixtures, sinks, or toilets. You might have an interest in low-flow, low-noise or silent toilets, hands-free flushing or any other innovative plumbing options. Meeks Plumbing can help with everything! Your bathtub or shower may be one of the most important fixtures in your life! Not only do you look forward to that squeaky-clean feeling it brings, but it is also a sanctuary to help you unwind from a busy day or prepare you to hit the street running. Call the professionals at Meeks Plumbing if you would like to install, repair or retro-fit a shower or tub for your bathroom. If your shower or tub has a clogged drain, pipe problem, cracks or leaks of any kind, call your trusted plumbing experts at Meeks Plumbing. We can help you evaluate a cost-effective resolution to any plumbing problem. Additionally we can offer advice on everything from cleaning tub and shower strainers regularly to removing mineral deposits from your shower head.

Toilet and Bathtub